The best deal is the Garage Band Theory Big Bundle for $12.50

  • mobi for Kindle ReadersĀ  (Amazon retail $9.99Ā  –Ā  GBT retail $12)

  • ePubĀ  (Kobo retail $12.49Ā  –Ā  GBT retail $12)

  • PDF – makes it easy to print single pages (retail $12)

  • 350 mb Extras – loads of useful files

  • 5 Author’s CDs

Garage Band Theory eBook direct from author $12

Garage Band Theory mobi (for Kindle Reader) direct from author $12

Garage Band Theory PDF direct from author $12 – makes it easy to print any pages you may want to put on the music stand or take to band practice

And if you purchased the printed edition just send proof of purchase to I’ll send you a link for a free download of the PDF.

Get started with Garage Band Theory today!


5 CDs of (mostly) original music $17.50

Yucca Pie $5

Pickin After Midnight $5

Matkatamiba – Music From the Grand Canyon – $5

Bozeman All Stars – Contrafactually Yours – $5

Just the Two of Me – $5


Two Grass Crew – Gavotte in A Minor – $5

Two Grass Crew – The Big Lost $5