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Digital piracy is a reality. So are honest consumers.


“I think there are more honest consumers than those who want something for nothing.”
~ Duke Sharp

Pay only what you can afford… here’s the author’s side of the offer.

Garage Band Theory is the culmination of over ten years of hard work, distilling my experience of thousands of hours of practice, performance and lessons into a useful tool for students and teachers alike. Out-of-pocket expenses include fees to editors, proofreaders, music teachers, an indexer, cover designer and photographer, graphic artists, web developers and consultants, as well as software, hardware, etc.

After spending more than a decade writing this book and turning it into a product I’m proud to bring to the market, I find I am in complete disagreement with the pervasive belief that a digital book is somehow ‘worth less’ than a paper version.

I think everyone would agree that the value of any book is in the ideas it contains, not the medium on which it is presented. About 90% of the expenses are exactly the same for both, and are incurred before printing a paper book or hiring a web developer to make it available digitally.

DRM is an annoying, insulting nuisance for honest consumers and a very minor inconvenience to dedicated file-sharers. For these and other reasons I will not use DRM on the PDF version of Garage Band Theory. I believe that if you’ve purchased the download you should be able to use it on any of your computers, and loan it to your friends.

Loaning a digital book to friends and family is your right when you’ve purchased it, just like you do with a paper book. I am sincerely honored when anyone thinks enough of GBT to want to share it, and I encourage you to do so. The difference is that when you ‘loan’ a digital copy, it is never ‘returned.’

GBT is not a novel you’ll read once and never look at again — it’s a resource you’ll find valuable for years to come.

If you share this book with someone who likes it and wants to use it, I believe it’s fair for me to ask that they make a donation. I hope you’ll mention that if you share GBT.

Please consider my time and expenses when you decide whether to compensate me for the download. I am not a corporate publisher or a major record label. I’m a musician and an author offering his wares for a fair price, not unlike the potter, weaver or painter at the crafts fair.

If you know someone who could really use GBT and they honestly can’t afford to pay for it, feel free to share it, no strings attached.

Most of us, though, can afford to invest $10 in a resource/tool that provides valuable, practical information that will serve you as long as you have an interest in music.

If you purchase the download from this website within one year and later decide you want the book too, I’ll deduct $10 from the retail price.

Please, do keep in mind that this book was designed to sit on a music stand, on the kitchen table or in your lap, and it won’t work quite as well on most computers unless you can see two pages at once. It’s OK on the screen, but there are a lot of places where you’ll want to see the writing on the left-hand page at the same time as the example that’s on the right-hand page.

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The print version sells for $50.00. I donate 10% ($5) from each hard copy sale made from this website to The Conservation Fund, an ethical and influential non-profit dedicated to preserving the planet.

Garage Band Theory (paper) Suggested Retail $50.00