You’ll see 7 folders in Garage Band Theory Extras.

Three of them – Finale, MuseScore and Open Source XML – all contain the same stuff … it’s every notation example you’ll find in GBT.

XML files are ‘open source’ so MuseScore and Finale will open them as will any other notation software program such as Sibelius or ScoreCloud.

When I started the project ukulele wasn’t as popular an instrument as it is today, and I don’t really play uke, so a couple years ago I had Mr. Jesse Green make the stuff that’s in Garage Band Theory Ukulele Tablature. The folder has XML and mscz files for uke as well as pdfs.

I prefer MuseScore, it’s free here, register and get access to the forums

There’s a short video that will show you how to open a file in MuseScore and a couple of the basic functions.

In the video I say “Use the XML files” but that was before I converted them to MuseScore-mscz – so use these .mscz files with MuseScore.

Here’s a MuseScore review: )

But lots of people like Finale NotePad – it’s also free and will play the files:

( )

Here’s a NotePad review:

There’s a folder that has all the YouTube and Web links in the book. They’re sorted into a few different headings for easy reference.

The GBT YouTube channel has every song that’s mentioned in GBT by at least one artist, more than 400 videos, and the list here is sorted alphabetically by song title and artist as well as by chapter.

There are over 300 web links to WikiPedia, Britannica or, biographical info about every artist or band.

The folder “GBT music by Duke Sharp” contains recordings I made of 11 songs that are used as examples in GBT. Home on the Range – Silent Night – You Are My Moonshine – Greensleeves – Take Me Out to the Ballgame – After the Battle of Aughrim – Swinging Baritone Bouree – Amazing Grace – Swallowtail Jig – Oh Susannah – Scarborough Fair

MP3 for play along basic chords” is back up tracks for practicing basic chords, melodies, etc.

Amazing Grace 75bpm C.mp3

Amazing Grace 75bpm G.mp3

Auld Lang Syne 75bpm A.mp3

Auld Lang Syne 75bpm C.mp3

Auld Lang Syne 75bpm D.mp3

Auld Lang Syne 75bpm E.mp3

Auld Lang Syne 75bpm G.mp3

Greensleeves 90bpm Am.mp3

Greensleeves 90bpm Dm.mp3

Home On The Range 75bpm C.mp3

Home On The Range 75bpm G.mp3

House of the Rising Sun 75bpm Am.mp3

House of the Rising Sun 75bpm Em.mp3

Jingle Bells 75bpm C.mp3

Jingle Bells 75bpm G.mp3

Red River Valley 100bpm A.mp3

Red River Valley 100bpm D.mp3

Scarborough Fair 90bpm Am.mp3

Scarborough Fair 90bpm Em.mp3

Silent Night 75bpm A.mp3

Silent Night 75bpm C.mp3

Silent Night 75bpm D.mp3

Silent Night 75bpm E.mp3

Silent Night 75bpm G.mp3

Take Me Out to the Ballgame 105bpm C.mp3

Take Me Out to the Ballgame 105bpm G.mp3

We Wish You A Merry Xmas 105 bpm C.mp3

We Wish You A Merry Xmas 105 bpm G.mp3