Earn the money you deserve for helping me.

The Garage Band Theory Big Bundle retails for $10.00 and includes:

ePub (retail $12.50)

.mobi for Kindle Readers (Kindle retail $15)

PDF for easy printing of individual pages (retail $12)

‘Extras’ folder with lots of useful stuff (click to see what’s in it)

plus downloads of 5 CDs of the author’s music

You earn 60% of retail – $6.00 on each sale.

I’ll pay once a month via Pay Pal and I’ll cover the fee that PayPal charges.

There’s a link that you can use in any of the digital marketing you do – website, Facebook, email etc.

You’ll get paid anytime a customer uses it, as well as anyone they share the link with.

There’s no inventory and the product requires no shelf space.

I’ll provide free copies for employees.

The Bundle includes far more than what is available through Amazon.

It will only be available to selected retailers, and will NEVER be available to Amazon.

It WILL be available on the GBT website – but it will be $12.50 – more than your retail price.

A customer can complete the purchase in your store without any assistance via the QR code on a poster.

I can provide a poster with a QR code.

Here’s a link to the poster template

I can provide a landing page for your customers.

Here’s a link to what your customers will see

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