Duke’s got the secrets of the universe in here.
Quite simply,
this is the most comprehensive book
on music theory I’ve ever seen”
Bill Payne – Little Feat – Keyboard

Exceptionally ‘user friendly’ in organization and presentation,
Garage Band Theory is very highly recommended.
James A Cox – Midwest Book Review – Publisher’s Weekly

“This is an innovative, practical and important addition
to the resources available when it comes to learning music theory.”
Gregory Young
Director – School of Music
Montana State University

.“For less than the price of a single lesson,
Garage Band Theory offers a lifetime of learning.

Alasdair Fraser
Scotland’s Premier Fiddle Ambassador


The GBT Big Bundle includes:

• Garage Band Theory – Tools the Pros Use to Play by Ear
includes ePub & mobi for Kindle readers (retail $15 ea)
• GBT PDF so you can print individual pages (retail $12)
• Hundreds of tabs for bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin & ukulele
• Garage Band Theory Extras
(here’s a video that explains what’s in GBT EXTRAS)
.• Garage Band Theory Music by Duke Sharp
Plus there’s a Garage Band Theory You Tube Channel
(has more than 400 videos – every song in the book)


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Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician”
Rodney Crowell – 2 time Grammy Winner
Songwriter and Guitarist

Something for every musician at any level.
This book inspires me to learn and practice more”
Sam Bush – Mandolin – 3 time grammy winner
International Bluegrass Hall of Fame

Garage Band Theory is written in the people’s key.
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame

“A great resource for musicians young & old
no matter what your training.
Garage Band Theory is a veritable encyclopedia
of useful tools and tips..
This book lifts the lid off the “black box” of music theory
and lets the light shine in – and in a fun, practical way.
.This is a book which should be left handily lying around
the living room, bedside, studio, classroom, (restroom?)
ready to be dipped into at any time for reference purposes
or just to improve or refresh one’s fluency in the language of music.
.For less than the price of a single lesson,
GBT offers a lifetime of learning.
Alasdair Fraser
Scotland’s Premier Fiddle Ambassador

Customer Reviews:

A Gold Mine for Musicians and Music Teachers

I have taught music privately and in the classroom for over 30 years,
and it would have been so much easier – and better –
with a resource like Garage Band Theory.
How a book can be simultaneously so encyclopedic, so instructive
and so hugely entertaining is beyond me,
but I hope it ends up in the hands of every music teacher
and professional musician who can obtain it.
The index never fails to direct me to a topic I want,
and the many quotations pertaining to music,
art and life reaffirm the author’s passion
for this essential component
of what it means to be human and creative.
No matter what instrument you play, or what style,
or for what purpose,
this resource will prove indispensable.



“I wasn’t sure about the price,
but it turned out to be worth it.
Garage Band Theory is a kind of musical bible
that you’ll use a lot.”

“Duke breaks it down so that anyone
can have a great grasp of music theory
and how to play by ear.”

“Who knew music theory could be this much fun?”

“This book is comprehensive,
but is set in the language of every day people.”

It’s easy to work with
and super easy to track your progress
with fill-in-the-blank quizzes.”

“The narrative is breezy and light
and pretty funny in parts,
which makes you want to keep going.”

“It can be used as a reference book,
instructional aide and/or lesson plann


Amazing Tool for teachers and students.

As a music teacher I am often challenged
by trying to explain
simple but important theory concepts to students.
Without overwhelming them,
I want to share the basic ideas of the language of music.
In this book, Duke has a real way with words.
He’s given me new and friendly ways
to share this vital information.
Garage Band Theory is an amazing tool
for both teachers and students
from beginning to advanced

“For $40 of overall cost,
I’m very impressed with what I got out of this book.”

“It’s got everything you need to ‘learn to speak music’
and develop your improvisational skills.”

“You get a lot of bang for your buck!

Read the reviews by professional musicians
know what they’re talking about.”

There are a few minor typos/errors,
but it’s so well explained that even I can understand
when there are errors.”

It’s a complete course in music theory
written so regular folks can understand it.”

“The added bonus
is you start to become able to talk to other musicians

“What a great value.”

Finally… a music theory book that’s enjoyable to read!
Who knew music theory could be this much fun?
What was a distinctly dull and dry subject in college comes alive in this book
with clear explanations, humor, and real world examples.
This book will be useful
for the beginning musician and veteran alike.
It can be used as a reference book,
instructional aide and/or lesson planner.
If music theory is the written language of music,
this book is the Rosetta Stone.


“If you want to communicate with other musicians
and sound like you know what you’re talking about,
this is for you.”

“I have several books on theory
and this by far is the most approachable.”

Don’t forget to reach out
and get all of the digital resources he provides.”

“Wonderfully readable!”

I loved the examples on various instruments.”

“It’s also by turns both funny and inspiring.

“Garage Band Theory looks at the subject a different way,
where music “theory” is just a common language
that allows people making music talk to one another.”

“I liked that each section presents a concept, uses some real-life examples,
then gives you an exercise or two
to make sure you understand.”


I have a degree in Music Education
and used to grade Freshman class theory exams
at Montana State University.

I have learned from this book.

Even though the author is a guitar and mandolin player,
“Garage Band Theory” applies equally to all musicians,
at all levels of proficiency and understanding.

Beginning students and experienced players
will all glean valuable information.

Well done, clear easy to understand information
presented in a logical order.


“I am amazed how comprehensive this volume is!”

“Duke’s book has, by far, the clearest explanations
of music theory concepts I’ve come across.”

Awesome book,
explains everything you need to know about music theory
for guitar in a clear, enjoyable way.”

I also found the suggestions on practicing awesome.
Don’t expect you are going to get anywhere
without putting the time in.
Great advice.
Great reference for every musician, just starting out
to those who have been doing it for years.”

“Duke has a way of teaching that is so comfortable.
Anyone can learn from this book.
He makes it so easy!”

Awesome book with great info for players
of guitar, violin, mandolin, bass and piano.
Highly recommended”
“A breakthrough method in teaching the intricacies of music
in a very easy to understand way.”
I really enjoy the breezy attitude,
but as a reference
this book is no joke.”



A Massive Book Full of Information

I have a LOT of music books.
Some of them are good.
Some, well, not so good.
I’m happy to report this book is AWESOME.

It’s huge, full of great information for several instruments, and is a great reference.

Definitely a favorite part of my music book library!



“Duke is a personable writer with an ironic sense of humor.”

“Great information- presented nicely.”

Practical and useful.”

“Awesome book, and fun to read”

“His style of writing is enough to keep me entertained.”

“I bought it to give as a Christmas gift to my ten year-old nephew, but couldn’t wait for the holidays—he’s already on the Introduction to Moveable Forms scales practice.”

“A wonderful investment, full of insight and information”

“Excellent resource.”

I have bought at least a dozen ‘how to’ books on the rudiments of music. This one has put them all in the shade.”


Funny Writing & Comprehensive Activities
This book is great!
Although its heft is a little daunting at first,
every page is filled with valuable lessons
written with an entertaining and comedic voice.
The exercises/activities wrap up each chapter nicely
and make it easy to refer back to my notes on each topic.
Wonderful book for learning how to play by ear,
understand the basis of reading music,
and composing your own songs.


“It’s super easy to track your progress
with fill-in-the-blank quizzes.”

I wish I’d had this when I started playing music
many decades ago, but I’m happy to have it now.”

“It answers the “Why?” of music theory
for all those people who dislike stuffy academic books.”

“It’s actually a fun read.”

It is BIG, and chock-full of great information,
really nuts-and-bolts stuff.”

Things are broken down clearly, and step by step,
so that even a child could be taught to play
and jam with others quickly.”


For less than the price of a single lesson,
GBT offers a lifetime of learning.

Alasdair Fraser – Scotland’s Premier Fiddle Ambassador

Duke’s got the secrets of the universe in here.
Quite simply,
this is the most comprehensive book
on music theory I’ve ever seen”
Bill Payne – Little Feat – Keyboard

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